Andy Trudeau
Character Information
Name Andrew Trudeau
Birthplace San Fransisco, California
Birth date October 1st, 1970
Species Human
Status Deceased
Killed by Rodriguez
Loyalty The Charmed Ones
Portrayed By
T.W. King
"Andy died because of me, it doesnt matter what he said, it was my fault.""
Prue blaming herself for Andy's death.[src]

Andrew "Andy" Trudeau was a police inspector for the San Francisco Police Department. He was romantically involved with Prue Halliwell in their teenage years as well into their late twenty's. However, shortly after Andy was killed in 1999 by a powerful demon.

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Early Life Edit

"Oh, Little Andy Trudeau is so cute. "
Phoebe while in 1970[src]

Andy was born around the same time Prue was and lived in San Fransisco up to the point he moved away with his family. [1] He lived about two blocks away from the Halliwell Manor which currently resided Penny, Patty and Patty's three daughters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell. [2]. By 1975, he formed a close bond with the family and was often invited over. In this specific year also, he was visited by future versions of the sisters[3] It was also revealed that the past self's of the sisters would often use their powers on Andy, which is what Prue thought that made him so suspicious of him in the future to come.

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Reuniting with Prue Halliwell Edit

Finding out about the existence of Magic Edit

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Notes and Referees Edit

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